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Countdown's Numbers Game

(Last Update 16:01 on Monday, 07 May 2012)

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How to play

The applet displays a target three-digit number at the top, using separate digits for easy selection. There are also six starting numbers at the bottom. Using these numbers, the four arithmetic operations +, -, × and ÷ (and brackets), try to compute the target number.


(Shortcut key: ?)
Generates new random target and starting numbers.
All (Shortcut key: A)
Makes the applet solve all 900 numbers. N.B. The output is rather long so any existing output is cleared first. If the applet cannot find a solution for a given number, "null" is displayed instead.
(Shortcut key: Enter)
The applet will try to compute the target number. This only takes a few seconds on a fast computer.
(Shortcut key: Esc)
Clears the output area of any previous calculations.
Choose how many random numbers are big or small. Fixed keyboard selection, even in Netscape 3 or IE 3.


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