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Mancala Page

(Last Update 10:22 on Tuesday, 17 April 2001)

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How to play

Mancala is a simple strategy game in which your goal is to gather more beads than your opponent. During each turn, you take all the beads from one of your bowls and move anticlockwise, dropping one bead in each bowl except your opponent's Kalaha or score bowl until you run out.

If your last bead drops in your own score bowl, you get to move again.

If your last bead drops in your own empty bowl, you get to pick up all the beads in your opponent's bowl opposite.

The game ends when all the bowls on one player's side are empty. The remaining beads are moved to the other player's score bowl. The winner is the player with the most beads.

Playing the game

You can play against your computer, against another person, or even have your computer play itself. To move, simply click the mouse on the bowl you wish to move on. (Legal bowls are highlighted when you move the mouse over them).

If you wish to play the computer, you must select the computer's level before you move. If you wish the computer to play first, you must select New Game before the computer will start.


Fixed the applet so that it reads the options. Improved the speed of the applet, particularaly at higher levels. Also fixed a bug which stopped it from calculating its move correctly.

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