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Minesweeper Page

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What Is Minesweeper?

When playing Minesweeper you are presented with a mine field, and your objective is to locate all the mines as quickly as possible. To do this, you uncover the squares on the game board that do not contain mines, and you mark the squares that do contain mines. The trick is determining which squares are which.

If you uncover all the squares without mines, you win; if you uncover a mine instead of marking it, you lose the game. The faster you play, the lower your score. You can use the counters at the top of the playing area to keep track of your progress.

The counter in the upper-right corner of the playing area is a timer, which displays your playing time in seconds. The timer does not begin counting until you select a square.

The counter in the upper-left corner of the playing area initially indicates the number of mines hidden in the mine field. Every time you mark a square as a mine, this number decreases by one, even if you incorrectly mark a square.

Playing the Game

The object of Minesweeper is to correctly mark all mines as quickly as possible without uncovering one. The following section explains how to play the game.

To choose a skill level

To start a new game

To locate the mines

  1. To uncover a square, select it using the left mouse button.
    If the square is a mine, you lose.
  2. If the square isn't a mine, a number appears. This number represents the number of mines in the surrounding eight squares.
  3. To mark a square as a mine, select it with the right mouse button.
    To mark a square you are uncertain about, point to it and click twice with the right mouse button. This marks the square with a question mark (?). Later, you can either mark the square as a mine, or uncover it.

Understanding the Rules of the Game

Follow these rules when playing Minesweeper

You can also "clear around" an uncovered number square whose mine has already been marked.

For example, two squares labeled 1 may both be touching a marked square. If you clear around the uncovered squares, you may uncover additional squares that do not contain mines. If you clear around a square whose mine is already marked, the surrounding numbered squares are uncovered.

To clear around a square

Keeping Score

Minesweeper scoring is simple. The counter in the upper-right corner of the playing area indicates your playing time. The faster you find all the mines, the better your score.

Using Strategies and Hints

Helpful hints for playing Minesweeper

Marking a Square

Knowing when to mark a square as a mine is the key to winning the game.

To uncover a square

To mark a square as a mine

To mark a square as a question mark

To change a square marked as a mine into a question mark

To clear a square marked as a mine

Once you have marked at least one square as a mine, you may be able to safely uncover more squares by "clearing around" them.

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